Super Furry Festival

Super Furry Festival


Super furry festival

What we've been up to!

What a year 2017 was! We not only held the fourth Super Furry Festival but also the very first Christmas Pet Market. In 2017 we had over 9000+ people rocking up to our events with the cutest pooches. There was plenty of laughs and love!

Each one of you also helped Super Furry Festival to raise over $2000 in donations and not to mention much more with each individual shelter. The money Super Furry raised was donated to Turtle Rescue, an organisation helping to rescue wild turtles from development sites & Maggie's Rescue who found 200 stray cats that needed medical attention and desexing. 

We also thank you, our community, with lots of big heartful hugs for helping be the ones that took on fostering or volunteering with these organisations or adopting your forever fur baby from our events. 

We are excited to see you all again this year!
Stay tuned for updates.


Super Furry Festival 2018 will return for its fifth year of furry fun. The Festival connects thousands of Sydney siders with animals from animal organisations. If you are not a pet owner Super Furry Festival still has something for you (apart from the great dog lurking!) the Festival showcases a handpicked selection of market stalls for you to enjoy!

We have much in-store for you and your special fur babies so stay tuned for more secret and special events to be announced. 



24.March.18 - Super Furry Easter Party

24.Feb.18  - Year of the Dog Fair Day

Stay tuned for more events to come 


Super Furry Festival supports organisations that have animals in need of adoption. The day helps lots of pawsome organisations have fun whilst raising awareness. Maybe you are after a pooch, kitty or bunny to make your family complete. Or maybe you want to foster a pet, donate, volunteer at an organisation or just want to have fun whilst doing something good.



Apply for a store at one of our events.