Super Furry Festival

About Us


Super Furry is all about creating festivals, events and markets for pet lovers

Our mission is to also raise awareness of animals in need whilst sharing the love & joy they create


The Festival is co-founded by Courtney Meyer and Jess Zeltner who have over 15 years experience in events, marketing and creative direction. The Super Furry Festival has a team of 6 core members and 50+ volunteers. 

The Super Furry Festival turned into an idea when our Co-Founder Courtney arrived home from a long day after work to her inner city apartment.
As she got out of her car a kitten scampered across the street and escaped down the alley. It was tiny, frightened and so adorable. Looking down the alley there were so many. Courtney had her own rescued cat (more human than cat) and thought about how she could have been one of them.

1 hour later, Courtney posted a post on Facebook that read ‘This year I want to do something that will make a difference to animals. Anyone interested in joining me?’ That’s when she met Jess.

Jess has two rescue fur babies of her own and always wanted to share the joy of what rescue pets bring. Jess had been thinking about making a difference for a while but never really actioned anything, she had never actually met Courtney but saw her post and decided it was the perfect time to make a difference.  She replied to Courtney's message and 8 months later Super Furry Festival launched in October 2014 at Surry Hills park, surrounded by dogs and smiling and laughing people. 

Our vision is to create the largest animal lovers community. The Super Furry festival was created from a passion to bring people together through their love of animals and enable animals in need of adoption to find their furr-ever homes.