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Kate and Amber - an adoption story


Kate and her family are big fans of golden retrievers. After their beloved family dog Rahni passed away after 14 years, they were looking to adopt another golden retriever. They went through a lengthy adoption process but in the end it was worth it, as they adopted Amber who has become a perfect addition to their family.

So how did you find the adoption process overall? Did it take a long time to adopt Amber and did you need to provide a lot of documentation?

Overall the process took around four weeks. Firstly we started by registering our interest online. We were sent a lengthy questionnaire with questions surrounding why we wanted to adopt, the ages of the people living in the house, the height of our backyard’s fences, whether someone would be home during the day or if she would be home alone, and whether we had any other pets. We also had to state whether we wanted a male or female dog and an approximate age range. We had a person from the organisation come out to inspect our house and backyard for safety and suitability. We were in regular email contact with Wendy Donoghue who organises the adoptions and after a few weeks a match came along.

We were offered an opportunity to meet Amber at the Golden Retriever Rescue site in Bargo, which we accepted with open arms. At this time we met all twelve Golden Retrievers which were available for adoption and immediately felt a connection with Amber. On that day we were offered a trial run with Amber to see whether she fit into our family and whether we were the best match for her. Luckily for us she was perfect. It took her a few months to settle into city life as she had grown up on a farm.

The process was lengthy but necessary in order to meet the best interests for the adopting family as well as the pet. We would highly recommend the centre and encourage that anyone who is considering adopting a large dog, look into this organisation.

Is there anything you wish you'd known about the adoption process before you started?

Our situation was that we were after a dog straight away after our beloved Golden Retriever Rahni passed away after 14 years and hoped that we could have another dog at home quite quickly. We were unaware that this process was so lengthy but in hindsight it was the best for Amber’s sake and for ours.

I agree – I didn’t realise the process took such a long time, but it sounds like it was worth it. I understand you were looking for a golden retriever, but were you looking for anything else specifically? For example – a dog that was calm natured or good with children?

We were after a mild tempered female dog that was at least a few years old. We didn’t want to have to house train a puppy and because all family members are usually out during the day, we wouldn’t have anyone to look after a puppy. It was beneficial for us to be able to have the option of adopting an older dog which is already trained.

What were your expectations of Amber vs the reality? Did the Rescue Centre explain Amber's temperament to you? 

Initially she was timid, quiet and a little frightened of being in the city. She would jump at loud noises, be overly aware of sirens and apprehensive when going for a walk due to the noise of cars and trucks on the street. Over time she has settled in nicely. Amber is now very much a pampered pooch who sleeps at the end of her mum and dad’s bed, occasionally jumping up onto their bed in the middle of the night. She has many toys and receives a lot of love from her family.

The centre explained Amber’s history to us and the reason for her abandonment so we were aware that initially she would require some TLC to make her feel welcome. She’s everything we could have hoped for and more. We’re very lucky to have her.

That’s fantastic that she has settled in. I'd love to hear a great memory or story of Amber if you have one!

Amber loves soft cuddly toys which she carries around in her mouth when she is excited, in the afternoons when her mum comes home she runs up and down our hallway at home barking with excitement and attempting to pick up multiple toys at once. This is always great to see as Amber has clearly missed her throughout the day and wants to play and cuddle as much as possible. She is a very affectionate dog with a bit of a crazy personality.

Kate and her family adopted Amber from Golden Retriever Rescue Inc in Bargo NSW


Written by Louise Milazzo


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