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A lover of animals with an obsession with cats especially her furry baby. A seeker for truth, which can often be found in the moments of observing a cat.

Has one super adorable kitty Daisy, that when they met was love at first sight. Daisy is the baby of a stray cat that was rescued by a lovely woman. Daisy is definitely the queen of the house.

I created this project with Jess because ever since I was a little girl I wanted to make a difference to animals and give them some love and a voice and that time came in Jan 2014.

I was coming home from work and outside in the alleyway, there are always stray cats and often at the vet, they would have kittens that had been found or left with them. So it was time to make a difference.
My background is in fashion and the creative industry and I thought that with all the talents around me, we could really make a difference to more animals through our community of animal lovers and creative talents.

Jess Blue .jpg


A self confessed crazy cat lady who loves her rescued furry babies. Boo and Squeak are my two male tuxedo cats, always smartly dressed and cute AF.

As I have two rescues I’ve always wanted to share with others the love and joy they bring, so I wanted to raise awareness & to educate the public of rescue pets through creative projects. That is when I met Courtney.

With a background in Event Management and Courtney’s creative flair we realised we wanted to create a fun, joyful and positive event that was different to the usual “rattle the money tins and beg for donations,” so we turned this concept on it’s head and birthed a creative, interactive, fresh and lively festival known as SUPER FURRY FESTIVAL. 



Lover of creatures both great and small; especially dogs and marine life.I was volunteering with a Sea Turtle conservation project in Mexico a few years ago and got to witness Green Turtles nesting. It was such a life changing experience!I joined the Super Furry team in support against animal cruelty and in hope we can find loving families for animals in need of homes and care.

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EMMA KONG | Volunteer Co-Ordinator

Owning a hyperactive pugalier, I can honestly say there is nothing better than coming home after a long day from work to cuddle with my furry boo boo child. The happiness she exudes from playing with her new toys (which gets destroyed in 10 seconds) reminds me to appreciate the simple things, and I am so blessed to have her in my life. I joined the Super Furry team in hopes of advocating the message that despite an animal’s past, if you show them compassion, they will give you unconditional love and devotion. The end result of re-homing animals to loving families is what makes this cause so worthwhile to be a part of.

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KATHRINA PHAN | Event Co-Ordinator

Growing up, I always had pets – dogs, fish, frogs, Guinea pigs, birds, chickens; the whole lot! They became my friends as a child and I think it was then that I grew to love animals so much and learn they were not that much different from us. As a child, I wanted to stand up for them because “they couldn’t speak.” I have always wanted to be a part of something that puts animals and their best interests at the core of what they do and I think Super Furry Festival does just that, and in a fun way too. I became interested in Super Furry Festival because of its support to shelters and its ability to bring together like-minded individuals.


AMY SCHWAB | Event Co-Ordinator & Consultant

Being an animal lover is an understatement; I especially have a soft spot for dogs. My beautiful dog Kristen who was 16 passed away earlier this year and it absolutely broke my heart however made my love and appreciation for dogs and pets grow even larger. When she was a puppy my family picked up Kristen after no one wanted her because she didn’t ‘look’ like what people wanted. Super Furry Festival is such a fantastic event for us to come together and cherish the lives of pets and provide an opportunity for them to be re-homed.

Jess Wong.jpg

JESSICA WONG | Marketing Manager

I was always passionate about animal welfare- adopting and rehoming in particular. From this interest, I’ve always told myself that one day I will do something that will help that cause.  Being involved with Super Furry has been an amazing journey, it is great to have the opportunity to work with such an empowering group of women and animal lovers. I am a proud owner of a Maltese Terrier who means the world to me and has shown me the best of how a dog can change your life. Being a regular volunteer at a Dog Shelter, I have seen many deserving animals that are just waiting to find their forever home. I want to be able to bridge that gap for the dogs and Super Furry is a great channel to do that.


Jess L.jpg

JESSICA LIU |  PR & Marketing Co-Ordinator

I have always loved animals (especially dogs) because of the heart-warming connections an animal can form with us without a single word spoken. As a university student, I was searching for work experience hoping to find a project in which I would be passionate about, and to find myself stumbling upon a chance to be involved with a team of animal lovers was a no-brainer. By joining the Super Furry team, it was really an eye-opener to see how much work is still needed for pets who have so much love to give and are still urgently looking for affectionate homes and how Super Furry Festival can create a voice for the neglected.

Sophie Spanos.jpeg


I am a recent communications graduate from UTS who had a change of heart after finishing my degree, and realised my passion was in events and social media. When I’m not working as a receptionist, I’m looking for exciting events with opportunities for experience. That’s how I met Jess, and found out about the Super Furry Festival, which I couldn’t wait to be a part of. Being the proud owner of an elderly Maltese (who I can’t imagine life without) I know how much animals can mean to us humans, and I want to be a part of stopping any and all mistreatment and cruelty.